Delta WHAT????

Hi Guys!

Woah – a post? Yeap. You should be use to sporadic posts from me by now, right? At least I do post videos daily ;) I still have to do an Mshell BootCamp update and that will come VERY soon. But if you missed it, I do have two videos posted that I do believe shows a FRACTION of the fun and workouts we did. Check out PART 1 and PART 2. I can’t believe it’s already been a month since that weekend! I miss everyone already. But more on that later on.

What I’ve been up to? Oh you know, walking to the gym, working my booty off, prepping meals, hanging with my love (we just celebrated our 6 year anniversary – woah!). Going back to walking to the gym…what I just LOVE about it is that I always get to run errands on the way back

Don’t I look so tough with my toilet paper? LOL Yeap. That’s me. But on to EXCITING news. On Friday I got a Canada Post Notice of a missed package. So I saturday I walked over to the post office and to my surprise my Delta Labs Ambassador package came in!!!

You’re looking at a brand new Delta Labs Ambassador!! What the heck is DeltaLabs you say?? It’s an ALL-NATUREAL Women’s Health and Wellness Formula Company! They have formulas for your hair, skin & nails to pre and post natal. Essentially priding themselves in assisting women in getting the highest quality of formula to keep them healthy and strong! Um…count me in!

I got to choose the first formula for me to try out and I chose the Advanced Biotic Formula. Why? My coach, Michelle, actually recommended me taking Biotic DAILY as part of my plan. Perfect timing DeltaLabs ;)

And lucky for you I actually have 5 samples of that Biotin Formula that I will be giving away on my VLOG TODAY. (Check back tonight for the link to enter the giveaway).

ANOTHER Bonus..DeltaLabs is having a LABOR DAY SALE TODAY!

If you’ve been looking for some supplements and you want to try some products out, I would highly suggest you purchase a bottle today. 50% off? YES PLEASE! Not satisfied with the product? You can actually send it back, no questions asked, within 30 days of your purchase for your money back. I love how transparent this company is. You like it – great, you don’t – then you don’t have to pay. Wouldn’t it be great if every company was like this?

If you happen to miss this post on Labor Day, no worries, I don’t have another 50% off for you but I do have a $5.00 coupon you can always use on your future purchases (cannot be combined with another coupon): TRULYJESS

Easy to remember right? I think so!

Well that’s it for me today! I’m off to relax for the WHOLE day. Yeap! Relaxing for the whole freakin day <3 BLISS!!!!

I love you all!

Much love,

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Oh hey there!

Remember me? Yes? No?

Truth be told, I’m not the best blogger in the world…far from it. I find myself much more comfortable video logging my thoughts. I truly find that my words are most powerful when I just speak my mind. You could say writing is the same, but for me it’s not. Written words don’t come as freely to me – is that weird?

In any case, here I am, waiting at the airport waiting to board my flight to…OHIO!! What am I doing in Ohio? Well I’m only heading to meet and hang out with my fellow MShellBomshell loves! <3 I can’t believe the day has come. I can’t believe I’m typing these words!

I remember the day Michelle sent me a video regarding the upcoming camp back in May. I automatically told her I would be there. Didn’t matter the cost, the dates, the venue…I was going to be there. Getting to campout with all my girls and workout for 3 days? Umm, count me IN! HECK YES! That’s MY kind of LONG weekend <3

This trip definitely wouldn’t be as special as it will be without my girl Kristina. Where can I even start with Kristina – she’s my rock. We’ve been sending daily videos and messages to each other since MAY! You do the math – that’s a LOT of videos and messages. I can honestly say she’s one of my closest friends and…I haven’t even MET her yet. CRAZY!?!?! But meeting new friends through Social media isn’t something foreign to me. I can truthfully say that I’m now close friends with so many people I first met online. <3 Well today is THE day! She’s picking me up at the airport in Ohio and we’re sharing a tent all weekend! <3 CANNOT WAIT!

As I’m writing this, I’m waiting to hear when my flight will leave – it’s delayed – but I’m staying positive <3 I’m gonna be on my way in no time…Ohio, I’m coming for you!

Get ready for a post-camp-out post coming your way next week because this weekend my friends, will be EPIC.

Much love,

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For the love of CLEAN foods

Oh Hey Loves!

How YOU doing? Having a great summer so far?? I most certainly am! This marks the FIRST summer where I TRULY feel good in my OWN skin. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve noticed that I’ve reached “goal” aka “oh-hey-I-reached-125pounds-now-I-can-pig-out-and-go-on-with-my-life” only to gain most of it back within a few months. So what’s different now? I don’t have a weight goal. In fact, my goal isn’t SPECIFIC. My goal is to KEEP KICKING A$$ and get stronger Oh baby we got this!

If you don’t follow me on instagram, then you wouldn’t of seen my current progress pictures, so let’s get that out in the open, shall we?

Yeap. That’s me! Picture on the left was exactly 11 weeks ago and the picture on the right was this week. Hard freakin work baby! But oh so worth it. Exciting news? I’m heading to OHIO in August to train with my coach, Michelle Davis and my fellow MShell Bombshell loves! She’s hosting a campout/workout weekend and you KNOW I’m there. So I got 4 weeks to KEEP KICKING A$$ so that I can look and BE my best when I go down. Here’s my latest 4 week difference

Crazy right? I thought I looked great 4 weeks ago and didn’t think MUCH had changed and this progress picture proved me wrong! So I KNOW I can keep GOING and feel like I did everything I could to represent a STRONG and FIT body when I finally meet my trainer and wonderful teammates <3

Ok now that we’ve caught up a bit, let’s get to WHY the post is called “For the Love of Clean Foods”. If you’re following along with TrulyCommitted, then you know tomorrow is a FULL day of clean eats. So I wanted to share with you my personal favourite clean eats! Who knows, maybe it will help YOU make healthy choices tomorrow! Ready, set….GO!

Eggs (white and whole)
Fish (my favourite is tuna and tilapia)
Lean Ground Meats (chicken and turkey)
Chicken (grilled, boiled of baked)

Whole Grain Rice
Plain oats
Sweet Potato (baked, steamed, mashed, homemade FRIES – mmmm)
Cream of Rice (SO freakin’ GOOD)
Ezekiel Bread
Veggies (GREENS are my fav)

Almond Butter
Coconut oil

Now this is not a WHOLE list of clean eats. This is simply me giving you some of my favs <3 And if you have a sweet tooth, like I do;) A CLEAN sweetener will be your best friend. Bring in PureVia – seriously it has kept me from going cray! 

Seriously. If you know me at all you know I ALWAYS have stevia on hand so when I was approached to try PureVia, I jumped at the occasion, duh! It was actually my first time trying a granulated version of stevia, I normally stuck to the liquid version. But MAN oh MAN! This baby was SO versatile!! And for people that I know will ask, no after taste!

So what did I do with this baby? I mixed it in my protein pancake batter, in my coffee, sometimes…and don’t judge me, sometimes I even mixed a little bit in mustard to add some sweetness to my tuna. Seriously do NOT knock it till you try it!! I basically made my own CLEAN “honey” mustard. Add a tad of hot sauce and you got yourself a sweet and SPICAYYYYY sauce! Seriously – it’s all about trying different mixes and sometimes BAM! A crazy good concoction comes to life!! Even Annabelle agrees  ;)

Back off boo, get your own;) I kid, I kid!

But in all seriousness, I want to end off this long post (sorry) by saying – you can achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to. You really can. Is it going to be hard? HECK YES. Will you have ups and down? YOU KNOW IT! Will it be challenging? UMM IT SHOULD. Will it be REWARDING? Oh HECKKKKK YES! Just remember, if it was easy, EVERYONE would be doing it. So be the strong one, be the one that will say ENOUGH! Put yourself FIRST, make YOURSELF proud. Do this for YOU! You freakin’ deserve it. Keep GOING and don’t even look back.

Believe in yourself <3 I know I do.

Much love,

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