I Did It! (My Transformation Story)

Hey Strangers!

I’ve been trying to write this post since I stepped off the IDFA Stage as an OFFICIAL Fitness Model Competitor just two weeks ago. The fact that I’m even typing these words…BLOWS MY MIND. I did it. I walked confidently on that stage in an emerald green Swarovski jewelled bikini and 5′ clear high heels.

Hi! That’s me! Crazy right? I can’t even begin to explain how it felt to have my story read for everyone to hear and to step on stage with a ginormous before picture of myself in the background. I guess you could say PROUD was one of the many emotions I was experiencing.

Entering the Transformation Challenge was an opportunity I didn’t want to pass up. Not only could I enter as a Fitness Model competitor but I could also SHOW and SHARE how I got to TODAY. It wasn’t easy – oh boy it wasn’t easy. My transformation was certainly physical but most of all, it was a mental one.

I was PROUD to stand alongside my transformation teammates <3 All of them had AMAZING stories and transformations. I will ENSURE to link the winner’s story once it’s published as she has come SO far, we ALL have!

Following the transformation challenge was the Fitness Model Novice (short) line up!

Let me just say that all I wanted for show day was to look like I belonged there on stage as an athlete and I’m proud to say I truly felt and still feel like I did. I not only looked strong, I felt it too. There are no words to explain just how strong, accomplished, beautiful and PROUD I felt on that stage.

I couldn’t possibly sum up the whole day into one post but what I did want to share was my transformation story that was read before I stepped on that stage…

*Deep breath…here it goes*

           “Distilling my weight loss journey into 300 words was enormously challenging because it has been a life-long struggle. One of my earliest memories was feeling uncomfortable in my tight clothes at 7 years old and noticing the difference between me and other girls. At 17 I overheard a friend say, “I don’t get why Jess has a boyfriend…she’s overweight” These moments solidified my self doubt and insecurities and becoming thin became my obsession.

Although I did lose weight throughout the years, diets made me hate my body so I always gained it back. My body was the enemy. I always let my insecurities sabotage me and stop me from finding lasting change. Deep down I was afraid to succeed because I never saw myself as a winner.

Change only arrived when I threw out the excuses and the “quick-fix” diets and started training hard and eating for health and fitness.  I started to take one day and one workout at a time. Eventually my head and my heart caught up with my actions and I realized that if I wanted to be a winner, I needed to put 110% of my passion into action, be patient, be consistent and believe that I could be a winner. Why not me?  Was I scared? I was terrified! But if your dreams don’t scare you, you’re not dreaming big enough. I was doing it – every cardio, every meal and every set because they all mattered. Every single workout was my way of overcoming my fears and doubts; if I could finish this hill sprint, I could do it all.

The most surprising part of this journey has been the impact my personal story would have on others. In the last 7 years, I have actively documented my weight loss journey on Youtube. Sharing my ups and downs inspired people across the world to do the same, which is even more powerful than the changes I see and feel within myself.

I stand here today as the strong, beautiful and confident woman I’ve always wanted to be. I now know that I can do everything I set my mind to and so can you. Be a winner”

Having those words, MY words, MY story read out lout before stepping on stage was FREEING. I did what I set out to do – show that when your put in the work both MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY you can achieve it all. I stand here today as an athlete. Am I done? Heck no!

My next goal?

I’ve got so much more to share from show day and I promise to do so this week! I want to share the makeup, the not-so-glamorous moments, the people I’m thankful for and so much more.

This journey….has just begun <3

Much love,


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  • Congratulations on everything!! Such an amazing journey!

  • magen

    Amazing story! You are such an inspiration! Thanks for being awesome 🙂

  • Way to go Jess!!!

  • Jo Vela

    Congratulations Jess. You are such an inspiration. Keep shining beautiful! :*

  • Jess, you are truly amazing and I love your story. Your words are very powerful! You inspire me every day with you actions and all the goodness you put out there for the world to see! Congratulations! xoxo

  • Karen Evans

    Are you still vlogging???