Delta WHAT????

Hi Guys!

Woah – a post? Yeap. You should be use to sporadic posts from me by now, right? At least I do post videos daily 😉 I still have to do an Mshell BootCamp update and that will come VERY soon. But if you missed it, I do have two videos posted that I do believe shows a FRACTION of the fun and workouts we did. Check out PART 1 and PART 2. I can’t believe it’s already been a month since that weekend! I miss everyone already. But more on that later on.

What I’ve been up to? Oh you know, walking to the gym, working my booty off, prepping meals, hanging with my love (we just celebrated our 6 year anniversary – woah!). Going back to walking to the gym…what I just LOVE about it is that I always get to run errands on the way back

Don’t I look so tough with my toilet paper? LOL Yeap. That’s me. But on to EXCITING news. On Friday I got a Canada Post Notice of a missed package. So I saturday I walked over to the post office and to my surprise my Delta Labs Ambassador package came in!!!

You’re looking at a brand new Delta Labs Ambassador!! What the heck is DeltaLabs you say?? It’s an ALL-NATUREAL Women’s Health and Wellness Formula Company! They have formulas for your hair, skin & nails to pre and post natal. Essentially priding themselves in assisting women in getting the highest quality of formula to keep them healthy and strong! Um…count me in!

I got to choose the first formula for me to try out and I chose the Advanced Biotic Formula. Why? My coach, Michelle, actually recommended me taking Biotic DAILY as part of my plan. Perfect timing DeltaLabs 😉

And lucky for you I actually have 5 samples of that Biotin Formula that I will be giving away on my VLOG TODAY. (Check back tonight for the link to enter the giveaway).

ANOTHER Bonus..DeltaLabs is having a LABOR DAY SALE TODAY!

If you’ve been looking for some supplements and you want to try some products out, I would highly suggest you purchase a bottle today. 50% off? YES PLEASE! Not satisfied with the product? You can actually send it back, no questions asked, within 30 days of your purchase for your money back. I love how transparent this company is. You like it – great, you don’t – then you don’t have to pay. Wouldn’t it be great if every company was like this?

If you happen to miss this post on Labor Day, no worries, I don’t have another 50% off for you but I do have a $5.00 coupon you can always use on your future purchases (cannot be combined with another coupon): TRULYJESS

Easy to remember right? I think so!

Well that’s it for me today! I’m off to relax for the WHOLE day. Yeap! Relaxing for the whole freakin day <3 BLISS!!!!

I love you all!

Much love,

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  • Megan

    Ordered… WOW on the 50% off! Thanks Jess!

  • Lauren S

    Delta lab ambassador love! You rock!

  • Katie

    That’s awesome! How did you get into doing Mshell workouts?? I tried to go to her website, but it’s down! Is it via online training?? I’d love more information, if you’re able to share it! My email is (weinbagel on IG 😉

  • Truly Jess

    She is not taking clients right now. And she is working on getting her website re-designed:)

  • Truly Jess


  • Stephanie Toffoli

    Thanks for being a daily motivation for me. I’m down 60lbs and still working.