Curry Turkey Strips

Hi loves!

Woah – you guys really want that Magnum prize pack eh? LOVE it!! It’s definitely a GREAT prize pack that I, truthfully would love to keep for myself;) #IloveMagnumAndICannotLie :) But I will keep my word and send it off to one of you! Remember, you have until Sunday to enter the giveaway. All details can be read here.

But today – TODAY I made a lunch to remember. Sometimes all you want is comfort food and I had been craving sweet potato fries for the last week. Finally, I picked one up last night and at lunch today…it was going DOWN!

And since I was doing fries, I decided to made the only protein pairing that made sense…Turkey Strips!! But not any kind of turkey strips, no no no! I created Curry Turkey Strips! Oh me oh my!!

Curry Turkey Strips

1 thin turkey breast, cut in strips
1tsp coconut oil
1tbsp Patak’s Hot Curry Paste
Cayenne Pepper, to taste

1. Heat 1tsp of coconut oil on stove top
2. Cook your turkey strips fully
3. Once your strips are cooked, drop 1tsp of your curry paste and mix thoroughly
4. Once all strips are evenly coated, sprinkle cayenne (if you like it hot) and mix

Simple enough? I think so! I’m all about the quick, yet delicious foods!

As for the sweet potato fries, I stuck to my go-to Chilli Sweet Potato Fries recipe with a hint of cayenne pepper. Why not;)

So on point. The best comfort food there is…in my books at least :)

What’s your go-to healthy transformed comfort food?

Much love,

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  • Courtney

    Hi! I have been following your blog for years now! You really are an inspiration! I have no clue why it has taken me soapy years to post but hey, I had a delic healthy comfort food that I had to share…my husband calls it ‘mash.’ All I do is sautée garlic and evoo, then I add a can of crushed or diced tomatoes (whatever I have), then I add either a head of fresh kale or collard greens (can use frozen too) and the final mash ingredient is a can if chick peas. I add a little bit of salt and black pepper. U can eat it plain or as a side over rice pasta. I tend to eat it alone, well usually I smother it with some sort of hot sauce I have:) what’s great is that this makes a huge amount so there are always leftovers. It is super filling too:)