Sweet Curry Chicken Salad

Hi guys!

Ok so I know I owe you guys a lot of Green Shake recipes that that will come tonight. That’s right, TWO posts in one day! INSANE!

Let’s get to these amazing curry recipes though! Something about the cold and rainy weather always makes me feel like comfort food and to me adding curry to my meals is comfort! This morning my creative juices were HIGH! I wanted to do my clean curry chicken but made it more of a salad….then came…

Sweet Curry Chicken Salad

2 small chicken breasts, cooked and cut into pieces
1 green apple, chopped into cubes
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp curry powder
2 tsp dijon mustard
Stevia drops to taste
dash of salt

1. Melt your coconut oil on low-medium heat in a sauce pan and once oil is melted, remove from heat and add in the curry, dijon, stevia drops and salt and mix until well blended and no clumps are left
2. Add in your apple cubes
3. Place back on stove top at low-medium and let simmer until apples are soft and fully coated with your curry mix
4. Then add in your chicken and mix all together!! Have it with a side of veggies!

I had my Chicken salad with a side of Curried Veggie Fries. (recipe was posted yesterday

Today, however, I used 1 big zucchini only and opted out of the carrot sticks. All together I had a curried fiesta for lunch!

Bon Appetit! 

Much love,

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  • Danielle

    curried zucchini and carrot sticks is a great idea! i’ve been trying out the metabolic diet effect and you cut down on a lot of “starchy” carbs (like sweet potatoes!) so this seems like a great alternative.

  • I’ve never had anything like this before! Looks like something I would eat though. 🙂

  • Jess

    It was SO good Shannon!

  • Jess


  • Shanna

    I made both of these recipes and YUM! So delicious. Thanks for the great recipes 🙂