Track HIIT Workout

Hi guys!

Happy Sunday to all! Today started off with a BANG! A FITNESS BANG! Honestly the power and strength I felt today made me a TRUE believer in the importance of REST days. Ever since I bruised my ribs, I promised myself that I would, without a fail, always take Saturday as my rest day. And by rest I mean no running, no weights, NOTHING.. walking is allowed however, I mean I do live in Toronto;)

Anyways, going back to this morning. I set up my alarm clock at 6am. Yeap on a Sunday morning…I give you permission to call me nuts, crazy, insane…but you know what, the feeling you get after a GREAT workout makes it SO worth it…plus you got your whole day after it!

So my morning started with two workouts…cardio and weight training, both around 40 mins long. Both AWESOME.

All I needed was a mat, weights, a stability ball and my UGI ball. I did everything from burpees to quick side to side suicides, to squat jumps to jumping lunges, to push ups, to shoulder press, to core…well you get the idea;) it was a full body workout and it kicked my booty. I literally finished the workout as Andrew woke up:) Perfection.

We then both had breakfast, I had my go-to protein pancakes (ate them so fast I didn’t take a picture) oops :P

After breakfast I felt like I still had lots of energy so I asked Andrew if he’d want to do a workout with me at the track field close to our place. He said he’d be up for it! SUCCESS! So I then created a HIIT workout that I knew would kill me. I mean, I had a great rest day so it was time to kick it up a notch! Start the training week the RIGHT way…Then came the TRACK HIIT WORKOUT

1min sprint, 1 min walk X 5
10 burpees
10 push ups


Repeat 2 more times 

Ouch! Not gonna lie, this workout was TOUGH and it certainly got my heart pumping! Andrew did one round with me and then cheered me on. He’s not use to a lot of cardio but hey he tried and pushed! I’m so proud of him! And of course, proud of me for doing this workout after this morning’s sweat fest! HIGH FIVE! Hey Meg;)

Another 503 cal burn! WOO! That’s over 1000 calories by Noon on a Sunday. If that doesn’t start off a training week the RIGHT way….I don’t know what does ;)

What I’ve been adding to my rest days is a higher calorie/carb day. As I don’t eat much bread/pasta/fruits (personal preference) I make sure to incorporate some more on Saturday to give me energy/recover and keep my metabolism going. And what do you know, waking up this morning wasn’t hard!

The way I feel right now is incredible. I’m proud/excited/motivated to keep going and keep pushing myself to get stronger and stronger! I got this.

How are you starting your training week?

Much love,

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  • Brittany Jean

    Hey Jess!
    That looks like an AWESOME workout you did this morning :) After the triathlon, I took 4 days off of training because training for the race was so hard physically. Today was my first day back from the break, and I was definitely ready to return. I did a swim circuit (2 laps in pool and then 60 secs. of an exercise out of water like pushups or burps) which I did for 45 minutes. I now know that I am ready for a GREAT week of training, and I am looking forward to seeing all of the great things my body can do in the realm of fitness, swimming, cycling, and running.
    Have an awesome week of #CHANGE !!

  • Shanna

    Way to go! You are Truly Amazing.

  • Samantha G

    Starting the week with teachingbootcamp and then Insanity …day 1 of the 60 Day Challenge whoo hoo!!

  • Lori and Michelle

    way to work it girl!! Lori and I want a ugi ball, it is next on our wish lists.

  • Christina @ the atheltarian

    I really want to try that track workout!! You are crazy inspiring, my friend. I love seeing all your instagram pictures and updates. You are amazing.

    My training week started with some running and Insanity :) ) Hi=ope you’re having a great day!