Fashion Friday – Wear It and OWN It

Hi guys!

This week was really busy and I reached for easy outfits I could easily put on and GO! No heavy makeup, hardly any jewelry and easy hair do’s (seriously, this week was all about convenience and working with what I got). And on another note, I have to say I’m FINALLY starting to see results in my body again, which is SO motivating. My stomach is going down and so are  my arms. My strength is coming back and I just feel GOOD.

And on that GOOD note, let’s get to this week’s outfits!

Denim Love

What I’m Wearing
Black Dress – French Connection
Denim Studded Shirt – Forever21
Gold Statement Necklace – Forever21
White Ceramic Watch - Michael Kors

Babe’s Birthday Night

What I’m Wearing
Key Blouse – Forever21
Knit Body Con Skirt – Charlotte Russe
Nude Wedges - Daily Look
White Ceramic WatchMichael Kors
PurseMichael Kors
Gold Statement Necklace - Forever21

 Nude Blouse

What I’m Wearing
Nude Sheer Blouse – Forever21 
Studded ShortsZara
Necklace – Small shop in Montreal
Bracelet – Small shop in Toronto
White Ceramic WatchMichael Kors
Black Flats – Wall Mart

Gold Sparkles

What I’m Wearing
Gold Detail White BlazerSKIRT
Knit Body Con Skirt – Charlotte Russe
Black Tank – H&M (old)
Gold Necklace with Charms - Inherited from my Grandma <3
Studded Sparkle Flats – Zara

Casual Tuesday

What I’m Wearing
Striped Sweater – Forever21 
Studded Shorts Zara
Gold Necklace with Charms – Inherited from my Grandma <3
White Ceramic Watch - Michael Kors 
Mocassins – Wall-Mart  

Prints and Studs

What I’m Wearing
Print Dress – Forever21
Studded Leatherette Biker Vest – Forever 21
White Ceramic Watch - Michael Kors  

Peplum Flare 

What I’m Wearing
Peplum Shirt – Forever21 
Body Con Skirt – Forever21
Necklace – Nue, Small shop in Toronto 

Belted Maxi and Sneaky Puppy

What I’m Wearing
Sheer Slit Maxi Dress in Black – Forever21
Essential Double Knit Blazer in Peach – Forever21
Studded Belt – H&M (Came with an A-Line Skirt)
Bracelet - Small shop in Toronto
White Ceramic Watch Michael Kors
Silver Glitter FlatsTOMs 
Annabelle – Most Beautiful Accessory <33


I’m not gonna lie, I felt GREAT this week. Every outfit and every workout I did. I’m back baby and I’m so excited about mixing clothing items again! Fashion should be FUN and it certainly is for me! Wear what you love and OWN it!

Much love,

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  • Cassie

    I love your style and envy how you seem both effortless and put together– and when I look at the stores your clothes are from– such patience! You inspire me to get my fashion act together! :)

  • Jordan Huenink

    I wish I had the looks and fashion style to pull off 5 different looks each week, haha. Not this guy! :)

  • Samantha

    Love that you feel great!!! Keep it up!!

  • purelytwins

    Gold Sparkles outfit love. really we love them all. wish we had your since of style ;)

  • Lisa

    I adore your style! Love the girly-ness!! I love that peplum shirt and the nude high heels as well!