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Hi guys!

Can’t believe it’s already week 5! Since a few of you have been missing our weekly videos, below is this week’s video. You can also click on the CHANGE TAB to be directed to a list of all the spotlights and videos, that way you never miss a beat;)

This week I’m proud to share with you another one of my friend’s story.

Meet Brittany Ford

I struggled with my weight my whole life, from getting picked on at a very young age to always being the “pretty chunky girl’ of my group of friends. I’ve always been into fashion so that’s where I hid behind in a sense, always wearing nice things and making sure everything else looked good on me because my body did not.

When I was 13yrs old, the summer before I entered 9th grade, I made a new best friend who I later found had Anorexia. I was unfamiliar with this and thought eating a few mini wheats or crackers a day was ‘normal”; hence, I caught on to these habits. Over the summer I lost about 25lbs from not eating enough and felt great about the loss and got noticed for it. One day I woke up and felt my heart beating out of my chest, I walked into the kitchen were my parents were and collapsed to the floor. After that I learned that I developed anorexia and was so afraid, so I started eating and boy was that hard.

By time I got into 10th grade i gained about 30lbs back and in high school that was detrimental. I met my boyfriend (who is now my husband…<333) around that time and began a long term relationship with him, feeling comfortable and slowly packing on the pounds even more. In 2008 I hit my all time high of 188lbs and was in my last year of Nursing school and I knew I needed a change so I started watching what I ate and dropped 15lbs. After that I knew I needed help to loose the rest so I found Jess’s channel of her Weight Loss journey and started my own, from Janurary 2010-October 2010 where I dropped an additional 35lbs and kept it off since on my own.

I wanted to continue my journey of health, eating right, exercise and of course recently got married (to my boyfriend from high school….how amazing!!) in June 2012, so I wanted to look the best I could—dropping another 5lbs, for a TOTAL loss of 54lbs on the day of my wedding (6/9/12).

Even though I will always have body image issues and food issues, I can honestly say I have felt the best I have ever had knowing that I am HEALTHY!! My journey will continue for the rest of my life and I will always strive to be the best I can be :) ))

xoxo Brittany

You can find Brittany on Youtube, Twitter and Instagram (Brittk6912)


Having known Brittany for a few years now I can definitely say that she consistently works on her health and fitness and is a HUGE inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing Britt <3

And now let’s get to YOUR Change!


And I’m going to end this post like I always do…you guys ROCK! If you haven’t made a CHANGE yet, it’s NEVER too late! Change NOW! Choose one thing at a time and keep pushing towards your goal because you can truly do anything you set your mind to. You just got to believe it.

Much love,
Jess and Amanda

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  • Janetha

    You look great, Brittany! Way to go!

  • Shannon

    Brittany, you look awesome! Keep up the great work! You too, Jess!

  • Lisa

    Love these change stories! So inspiring! Brittany you look amazing and your change is awesome!

  • Christina @ the athletarian

    WOW! Jess, this is truly amazing. I love these features and stories you share. Congrats to Brittany. She looks fantastic!