#CHANGE and New Recipes

Hi guys!

If you follow me on twitter/facebook you might already know what this post is about. It’s about a BRAND NEW Journey both myself and my good friend, Amanda Tyson, are embarking on and taking ANYONE that wants to join us!

#CHANGE is not only a challenge but a MOVEMENT, it’s about willing to accept both the ups and down, it’s about being fearless, it’s about being brave, it’s about knowing it’s not a quick fix. It’s about CHANGING together.

Every month, Amanda and I (and anyone that wants to join us) will set goals. And every week we’ll update you by showing you a week’s worth of clips (our successes, our failures, our healthy eats and our HONESTY). Every wednesday I’ll post both a BLOG post and a YOUTUBE video to share it all. While the video will be Amanda and I sharing our achievements, the blog post will all be about YOU! That’s right, every week I’ll showcase YOUR successes. All you need to do is make sure to use the hashtag: #CHANGE on twitter and instagram! Don’t have either? Post it on FACEBOOK! That’s right! We created a Facebook PAGE for CHANGE! Your first stop where you can share anything and everything with us!

Speaking of Change…I want to share with you two new healthy and CLEAN recipes I created today:)

First up, Choco-Avocado Pudding

1/2 avocado
1/2 tbsp cocoa powder
1/2 tbsp carob powder (you may use 1 full tbsp of cocoa powder if you don’t have carob)
Stevia drops to taste

1. Mash avocado
2. Mix in all other ingredients
3. EAT with a small spoon (to make it last longer)

One of the best little treats EVER! I had it for breakfast as a side to my eggs topped off with coconut butter.

Healthy fats? CHECK! Healthy Carbs? CHECK! Healthy Protein? CHECK!

This breakfast was THE BOMB!

Then after instructing two Boot Camps I headed home to create a recipe that was in my head all day long (I kid you not). I had seen someone instagram zucchini noodles this week, which reminded me I hadn’t made some in so long! So my creative juices flowed and I created what will now become one of my go-to-healthy-easy-to-make-meals.

Spicy Coconut Chicken Zucchini “Pasta”

1 Zucchini
1 Chicken Breast
1/3 tbsp Coconut Oil
Sriracha Hot Sauce to taste
1 tsp unsweetened coconut flakes

1. Heat 1tsp Coconut oil on pan
2. Once oil is melted, cook your chicken breast (I cut mine prior to cooking)
3. While chicken is cooking, start grating your zucchini (you may use a spiralizer if you have one but I use a cheese grater and grate the whole thing!)
4. Once chicken is cooked, add your zucchini “pasta” to the pan
5. Continue to mix until your “pasta” is soften and hot
6. Add desired amount of Sriracha Hot Sauce and mix
7. Place your mixture on a plate and sprinkle your unsweetened coconut flakes on top as well as more Sriracha sauce
8. Dig IN!

Seriously ON POINT! I could of easily went for seconds;)

Well it’s past my bedtime and I got to get up at 5am to prep my food for tomorrow and head for another workout session with my coach! LOVING this week, I feel like I’m finally BACK at it and it feels so good <3

I’ll leave you with simple question….are you ready to #CHANGE?

Much love,

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  • http://cleanfoodcreativefitness.com danielle @ Clean Food Creative Fitness

    I love these recipes!!! That chocolate avocado pudding sounds amazing and that dinner looks perfect to! Definitely going to have to try them out!

  • Kristen

    OMG JESS! I cant wait to try these recipes! Keep them coming, so delish!!!! Who says #CHANGE isnt good?!!? ;)

  • Vieve

    You girls are adorable. I love the excitement. It’s contagious! Thanks for reminding us to keep #CHANGE-ing for the better! Love you girls!

  • http://purelytwins.com purelymichelle

    congrats girl!! this sounds so exciting! #CHANGE love it!!

    and we do the same for our avo cocoa pudding, so good!

  • http://www.mymissionimpossible.com Kristin @ My Mission Impossible

    LOVE #CHANGE!!! What a great, inspirational idea. Can’t wait to see these posts. I love the idea of celebrating people’s accomplishments, big or little…I love getting to meet such supportive motivating people! Can’t wait to #change with you!