Outdoor PhotoShoot

Hi guys!

So I didn’t take any pictures yesterday but I did film some of my day. Video will be up soon:) I gotta say that yesterday was a perfect day:) The workout was CHALLENGING and the shopping, well, when is shopping NOT fun? I did end up finding beautiful Ray Bans as well as an adorable fedora hat for my upcoming trip. 5 sleeps to go!! Are you kidding me? So exciting!

Andrew is starting to get into photography a bit, he actually uses my DSLR a lot more than I do (I stick to my Sony handheld camera). So today he wanted to take pictures and since I’ve wanted to update some of my pictures on my blog, I happily obliged.

A lot of the shots turned out great!

Hey triceps! 😉

I have to admit, I’m not the best poser. I mean I’m use to taking self-pictures in my bathroom haha. But it is a lot of fun!

Andrew has actually been talking about taking classes to learn more about photography. Hey, I’m all for it! I love when we find things we have in common and if he wants to help me out with my blog by taking pictures, it just makes it that much more fun!

Top (H&M gift from Janetha), Yellow Bandeau (Toronto Boutique), Maxi Skirt (Dynamite), Shoes (H&M), Necklace (Aldo), Ring (Aldo), Bracelets (HelloberryDasandaH&M) Watch (Michael Kors) Sunglasses (Ray-Ban)

Alright, that’s enough self pictures for today. Heading out for a nice walk with my love.

I’ll talk to you soon:)

Much love,

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  • Nancy

    Love those photos!! Look at your triceps poppin out!

  • AH I love it. That would be fun to have Andrew help you out! And PS, totally bought the striped version of that skirt today at dynamite 😛 and I may or may not have copied you and bought the pink and yellow Reebok runners (They are so freakin’ comfy!). <3 love ya!

  • Photo shoots are always fun!!! Tell Andrew to check out http://www.digitalcameraworld.com/ they have amazing tutorials for beginners and a slew of photography tips. They even have photo shop guides. The website is easy to navigate and very helpful!

  • Great photos! I expect nothing less–awesome model and awesome photographer!