Ditching the Scale

Hi guys,

Four days until France! Am I getting annoying yet? I still can’t believe it! I think it won’t hit me until I’m in the plane with my sister by my side <3

You’ll be happy to know that I have stuck to my eating/workout plan all week (and continuing to – woohoo)! I can certainly feel myself shrinking this week. I don’t know if I mentioned it but I will no longer be weigh-ing in. People will look at this differently. But I want to eventually lose weight and maintain my weightloss without looking at a number. Why? Because I don’t want to ever place such an importance on a number. I mean, why do we even do it? We gain one pound and we feel awful, even if we feel amazing! The scale would honestly dictate my mood – ENOUGH!

I know I don’t look exactly like I did when I auditioned for the DVD – I definitely gained a bit and I noticed it 3 weeks ago. So what did I do? I re-evaluated. I noticed that my workouts weren’t as intense as they have been and I started to snack a bit more. I wasn’t in any means in a “free for all” state of mind but I certainly enjoyed some wine and fro-yo.

I’m happy to say that in the last week and a half, I did a complete 180. I stopped mindless snacking and I planned my workouts for 2 weeks and stuck to them. And guess what happened….I saw results! My arms (which is where I gain weight first) started to slim down again and my stomach slowly went down. Hurray! I know I can get myself to my goals without using the scale. I’m going to continue with my measurements and how I look. I mean would you rather look good or be at a certain number just for the heck of it?

Just like I lost my weight without calorie counting (oh happy day), I know I can get to my ultimate body goal without weighing in. I can honestly say that I love my body NOW but for the DVD (which is in November) I know I need to lose fat and tone up! It’s a once in a life time opportunity and I want to make sure, at the end of the day, that I did everything I could to look the best I can!

Moving on to this morning, I did NOT want to go running BUT I scheduled a run on my calendar and that meant I couldn’t skip it. So I looked over to my couch (where I lay my running outfit), sleepily changed and was out the door.

I went from incredibly sleepy (left) to completely energized (right)! Hurray! You will NEVER regret the workout you did but always the one you missed. Ain’t that the truth!

As I work half days on most Mondays, I had the pleasure to meet with a fellow Fitfluential friend, Morgan. We had originally planned to meet for coffee but decided to have an early lunch at Aroma instead. Morgan was hungry for lunch and I happily obliged.

I opted for the warm chicken salad with avocado. Simply delicious:) It was so nice to catch up with Morgan before my vacation. It felt like I hadn’t seen her in forever!

Work flew by today! I’m incredibly busy this week, trying to get lots done before Friday. I have a feeling my whole week will fly by….I’m not complaining!

Before I head off for my evening workout, let’s schedule this week’s workout schedule shall we?

Monday- Morning run and Workout DVD
Tuesday – Morning run and Upper Body Blast (weights and body weight workout)
Wednesday – Morning run and Workout DVD
Thursday – Morning run and Workout DVD
Friday – Morning run and Kickboxing with my mom!
Saturday – Morning run with my sister

Again, these runs are only 15-20 minutes depending the route I decide to take. I am honestly loving them:)

Alright, it’s time to workout while watching The Bachelorette :)

Much love,

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  • http://www.jonesee90.com Jenn Jones

    Way to go Jess! Proud of you, I know those mornings are the toughest to get out the door..but you feel AMAZING that you pushed through that sleepiness. Good work!! :)

  • Danielle

    Get it girl! You look fantastic and super fit in your running skirt. I love my morning runs and do all of my workouts in the morning but the ole legs can feel like lead at first. Like you said though, it feels so great afterwards <3

  • Nancy

    I heart you two. I need to move to Toronto. Then commute to work, I mean…people do it all the time! Lol

  • Ambrosia

    I completely understand about that stinkin’ scale!! You think you
    Had an awesome few days or you’re feeling great then you get on that scale and wham you stayed the same or gained! It’s awful!! Good for you!

  • http://nutritiouslysweet.com Sabrina @ Nutritiously Sweet

    Thanks for this post Jess! You def helped me stopped calories couting and now its time for the scale to go for me ask well! You are amazong :-D

  • Hannah

    Another inspirational post. You make it look so easy, but I know how hard it feels to drop the weight the healthy way as I am trying to do it now. Ditching the calories counting and the scale makes your lifestyle far more sustainable. Hopefully I will get to where you are soon….

  • Truly Jess

    Hannah » Thanks so much Hannah! It was definitely scary at first but I know that for the long run this is healthier! You can TOTALLY do it!

  • Truly Jess

    Sabrina @ Nutritiously Sweet » You’re welcome:) I’m so glad I could inspire you to stop calorie counting too!!! :) You can do this!

  • Truly Jess

    Ambrosia » RIGHT??? I know you can maintain and look great without it! So long scale! I wont miss you!

  • Truly Jess

    Nancy » I heart you too!! <3 Yes please move:)

  • Truly Jess

    Danielle » You are SO sweet!! I’m definitely feeling amazing this week:) Those runs def. helped me out!!

  • Truly Jess

    Jenn Jones » aww thanks Jenn!! They are tough but man do I love them!

  • http://darwinianfail.blogspot.ca/ Krysten Siba Bishop (@darwinianfail)

    I say YES to ditching the scale. I think it is a healthy move. You want to be accountable for your actions not the number. And I think you look foxy!

  • http://mealsandmovesblog.com Janetha

    You know where I stand on this–and it’s not on the scale! It is all about how you FEEL–if you feel fit, are gaining muscle, and are slimming down.. then that pesky # doesn’t even matter. And you’re right, it CAN dictate a bad mood, so why let it? You’re the best!

  • Bonnie

    Hi, Jess! Just found your blog, and I love it! This doesn’t really have to do with your post (which I totally agree with, btw), but have you ever done a post on your wardrobe essentials? I love your style, and with a limited wardrobe budget, would love to know what your faves are. Thanks so much!

  • http://iHuntFashion.com Anna

    I think it’s great that you planned everything out & stuck to them! & I LOVE the not weighing in anymore, how you feel about yourself is not defined by a number. It’s defined by how happy you are in your everyday life & with your body. You have come so far Jess, and are so inspirational to so many, especially me! I’m definitely boosted to start my week off right like you are. Have fun in France!!