Scrumptious Sunday

Hi guys!

Thanks so much for all of your suggestions on my last post! Special thanks to Monika that came up with many of the themes I chose!

I’m happy to say that I came up with all of my weekly themes and I’m excited to share them with you! Without further ado….

Manic MondayA day in the life of post where I share with you my day and my goals for the week to make it a successful one. 

Tasty TuesdayWhere I share new recipes or Link back love for recipes I’m digging :)

Work it Out WednesdayWhere I share with you a workout of the day or a new workout routine

Tip ThursdayWhere I share with you a health/fitness/fashion tips

Fashion FridayYou already know about that;)

Scrumptious SundayWhere I share with you a dinner/lunch/breakfast outing


So what do you guys think? I’m kind of excited to have set days! It gives my blog a bit more of a format:) I decided to take out Saturday so that I can update the blog with any posts or no posts :P Sneaky, sneaky ;) Let’ get to it!

Today I met with my bestest friend, Jenn.

We had planned to go see The Five Year Engagement, however, the scheduled time I found online ended up being wrong. Fail. But we didn’t let that damper our day, we decided to walk to get an early dinner at Live Food Bar, a raw food restaurant in Toronto. Through our walk we passed by Casa Loma (Side note – I’ve lived in Toronto for over 5 years now and I had YET to go there…terrible).

Casa Loma is GORGEOUS! You can actually visit the Castle (we didn’t) but you can also get a killer stairs workout there (evidence below).

That’s only part of it! Jenn and I decided to go back soon for a workout, which I will make sure to share with you:)

When we finally got to Live Food Bar, we realized that they were still serving the Brunch menu and that the regular menu wasn’t going to be available for another hour and a half. Second Fail. So we went to our go to restaurant, Fresh. Oh baby!

I opted for the Mega Life Salad with Avocado and Poppyseed dressing. Mmm Mmm Good.

Fresh never disappoint. If you’re ever in the Toronto area, you need to check it out. With three locations in the downtown core, you’re sure to be close to one:)

We finished off our meal with a few pieces of this cacao bar I found at Noah’s (conveniently located beside Fresh).

Look at those ingredients!! Real FOOD! I have to say, this was the best chocolate I ever had. Both Jenn and I agreed - This is what Chocolate SHOULD taste like.

Although our day didn’t really go as planned, we had a BLAST. We walked for over three hours, saw Casa Loma for the first time, ate great fresh foods and were in great company:)

I leave you off tonight with my cutest girl, Annabelle…

…..And her stuffed dog boyfriend;)

Much love,

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  • Danielle

    I love chocolate from Chocosol! So so good. If you ever have a chance try their spicy chili chocolate! And if you are in the downtown area they are generally at the ING Direct market on Thursdays. The owner said to me while I was there “our chocolate isn’t candy – it’s food”. Which I think is pretty sweet… :)

  • Alethia

    Oh that salad looks delicious! I love avocados but the plant varieties available in Jamaica aren’t in season ’til summer and fall. And since 98% of the produce grown is organic and seasonal, I can’t indulge as yet. But I am SURE looking forward to it :)

  • Monika

    Quite the collection of post topics! I’m glad you liked the ideas. I’ve never tried Fresh but you should try Freshii. There are 4 locations in t.o; two of them are just east of UofT (one on Bloor St., one on college St.). I got a vegan burrito from there and had to leave the second half for later because it’s so filling. They’ve got salads, wraps, soups etc.

  • Nancy

    I went to a wedding there last summer. It was pretty huge.

  • janetha @ meals & moves

    I love love love all the themes! I am excited to read them all! Go you with your format–that’s perfect. Mmm, glad you finally hit that spot up, looks so good. But–best of all–Annabelle <3