Fashion Friday – Just Wear a Dress

Hi guys!

Ok so I haven’t been updating the blog so much this week, even after I specifically said I was going to. BAD JESS! I think what I need to do is set up “themes” for specific days. I know Friday is “Fashion Friday” and I don’t miss it. Any ideas on other “themes” you’d like to see? I’m thinking Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays will be other days to update. Perhaps make Wednesday “Workout Wednesday” where I can share either my workout schedule or a killer workout. I’m still thinking here, if you have ideas I’m all ears!

But this is Fashion Friday so let’s get to it! Warning – you’ll see three dresses in the mix this week…word for the wise, when in doubt just wear a dress ;) It’s almost May and for me, that means DRESS SEASON! I’m a huge girly girl and that’s no lie. If you look at my closet, you’d see that I have an obsession, a dress obsession ;)

Bold and Bright on a Gloomy Day

What I’m Wearing:
Sheer Polka Dot Tank – Rory Becca for Forever21  (not available online)
Girly Tank in White – Aerie
Siren Leggin Pant in Cobalt – Victoria’s Secret
Rain Boots in Dark Olive – Hunter
Bracelets - AldoForever21, SeeJeweleryOnline and WildFlowersAndGrace via Etsy
Ring – H&M 

Hot Pink, Light Mint

What I’m Wearing:
Teal Chiffon Button Down Shirt – Smart Set
Girly Tank in Peach/Pink – Aerie
Pink Jeggings – American Eagle 
Bracelets - Aldo and Forever21
Rings – Forever21 and Aldo
Gold Necklace – H&M 

Country Strong

What I’m Wearing:
Fit & Flare Lace Dress – Forever21
Short Black Blazer – Forever21
White Ceramic Watch – Michael Kors
Bracelets – Aldo
Necklace – Nue Boutique (Downtown Toronto)
Brown High Boots – Nine West 

Rain, Rain, Go Away

What I’m Wearing:
Polka Dot Sheer Tank – Forever21
Yellow Tank – Forever21  
Open Boyfriend Blazer in Charcoal – Forever21
Rain Boots in Dark Olive - Hunter
Bracelets - AldoForever21 and Helloberry
Double Link Necklace - SeeJeweleryOnline 

Jeweled Love

What I’m Wearing:
Casual Navy Dress – Forever21
Beaded Lace Necklace – Forever21
Bracelets – Lauren ElanHelloberryAldo and Forever21
White Ceramic Watch – Michael Kors 
Brown High Boots – Nine West  

Peace & Love

What I’m Wearing:
Flower Detail Lace Tank – Forever21
Mint Tank – Forever21
Necklace – Nue Boutique (Downtown Toronto)
Bracelets - Lauren ElanAldoSeeJeweleryOnline and Forever21
Heart Shaped Cocktail Ring - Windsongs&Rainbows
Rain Boots in Dark Olive - Hunter 


*This outfit is inspired by Jessica over at What I Wore. She posted a black maxi with jean jacket combo this week and I KNEW I had to replicate the look in my own way:)

What I’m Wearing:
Sheer Slit Maxi Dress in Black – Forever21
Short Demin Jacket – American Eagle
Studded Belt – H&M (Came with an A-Line Skirt)
Bracelets - Lauren ElanHelloberry, H&M, Tiffany&Co and Forever21
White Ceramic Watch – Michael Kors
Silver Glitter Flats - TOMs 


Dresses truly are effortless. You put it on, add some jewelry and you got an outfit! They are also easy to change up. A different belt, jacket and jewelry can change the whole look of a dress. You’ll see it in the next few weeks as I have been thinking of doing some “One dress/top/jacket, 3 different ways” kind of posts. Thoughts?

Have an amazing weekend!

Much love,

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  • Alethia

    Hey Jess,

    I really look forward to your Fashion Friday posts since it shows off your hard work :) Workout Wednesdays sounds great and you could do something relating to food on Mondays or Sundays as well as motivational posts.



  • Sam

    I seriously want to steal your wardrobe. Every outfit you post is so adorable/fashionable and something I would totally wear! I’m with you on the dresses – they are my favorite thing to throw on. So easy and versatile, as you said.

  • Jenn Jones

    Beautiful as always! cant wait to do OOTD together ;) . I am excited to see work out Wednesday! Maybe you could make something to do with any exciting recipes you have tried or new foods you have tried? Scrumptious Sundays perhaps? lol Anything you do, I am sure to love pretty lady! Can’t wait to see you!! AH!

  • Monika

    Love the outfits! Keep on sharing :)

    How about Manic Mondays? It could be the blog version of “a day in the life of.” i find mondays to be busy but also optimistic because it’s a fresh start to the week. Can talk about your goals for that week, what you did that day (hence “manic” because you sound like a busy woman!).

    Workout Wednesdays is an awesome idea!
    Here’s a bunch of other ideas that might spark something…
    - Sweet Sundays: anything sweet whether it’s to share dessert recipes or smoothies. It doesn’t have to be about food.
    - Tasty Tuesdays/Thursdays: any kind of recipe for any meal
    - Tip Tues/Thurs: short helpful pieces about health and fitness, tips, things you’ve learned, research, articles.

  • janetha @ meals & moves

    Monika took the words out of my mouth with Tasty Tuesday :) Also I would love Workout Wednesday! I am a sucker for alliteration! Or Move it Monday!

    As always, love love love your fashion posts. You are so stylish and inspiring. Thanks to you I bought those Aldo bracelets today. I ended up finding a black maxi at Cotton On that doesn’t drown me! Oh and I found some cobalt crops that are basically pants at Express–they are called Zelda crops and are way comfy. They have lots of colors, check them out. Love those two new bracelet websites.. I might have to make a purchase or two… but will probably wait since I went on a flipping shopping spree tonight. Shhh, don’t tell ;)

    Okay, I will zip it now. XOXO

  • eryka@this is my happily ever afte

    Your Fashion Fridays posts seriously have changed how I look at my closet in the mornings. For work I wear the same ol’ sweater and dress pants every day–drab. And since discovering your blog about a month ago, I’m switchin’ things up. Adding prints, jewelry, and color. I look forward to putting my outfit together to go out, and my comfy sweatshirt is seeing a lot less attention..that’s a good thing.
    I liked the idea of Manic Mondays from Monika–a day in your life, goals, etc. And I love good workout tips, eating tips, favorite products, workout schedules, sequences, etc. Those might all fall under Workout Wednesday.
    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  • Christine @ Oatmeal in my Bowl

    I love your style, Jess! And your health & fitness lifestyle is definitely paying off. You are looking fit!

  • Janice @ Fitness Cheerleader

    Please please please take me shopping!! I need serious fashion help! You have great taste and I LOVE all of your outifts!!

  • Nancy

    Oooo loving the fashion friday posts!!! I need to wear more arm candy.

    As for what you can do with weekly posts, I have no suggestions so I apologize for that. But everyone else left good one’s! :)

  • Dawn

    I love the country strong outfit! I like the ideas of themed posts. I try to keep up with mine because I set them up so I would post more but sometime life just gets in the way…argh!