An Adventurous Friday

Hey guys,

As promised, I’m keeping you in the loop with what I’ve been up to lately. Let’s start with my very adventurous Friday.

I just so happen to have Friday off and my friend Morgan jumped at the chance to do anything. If you don’t follow her blog (and you really should) she’s been studying her brain out for the last exams of her semester and on Thursday night, she was FREE!!! We celebrated by heading for a hike/picnic at High Park!

I also have to point out that the whole “adventure” idea was inspired by Janetha’s Adventurous April. She’s challenging us to do things we normally wouldn’t do for the month of April. And I can honestly say I’ve never gone on a hike before!

While on the hike Morgan and I decided to be adventurous and take a side trail – not knowing where it would lead us. I got to tell you – High Park is MASSIVE! We didn’t go through it all and we hiked for 3 hours!

We did, however, take a nice break to enjoy our picnic. Morgan brought a PB sandwich and some orange slices, while I brought a green protein shake:)

Healthy bloggers unite!!

We had such a good time – fresh air, bright sun, great conversation (WARNING – both Morgan and I are HUGE chatter boxes – we don’t stop talking). 

I upped the adventurous anti when I spotted a stair case with some decline push ups;)

You guys know I love my push ups;) It’s so easy to get a workout in when you’re outdoors! No excuses.

Both Morgan and I agreed that it’s nice to hang out with fellow bloggers because randomly asking each other to take a picture isn’t weird or awkward, it’s normal;)

I had an amazing time being adventurous with Morgan. What have you done lately that you would consider was adventurous? That made you step out of your comfort zone? Head on over to Janetha’s blog and share your adventures with everyone!

Much love,

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  • It should be noted that I did not do pushups hahaha 😉

  • I am so glad that you guys enjoyed High Park! I haven’t been in a really long time but I think I might have to head there if the weather is nice this weekend!

  • Wait a tick, you’d NEVER gone on a hike?!? This baffles me, and furthermore this makes me really excited and happy and proud! That is a BIG adventure! Also, good job on the impromptu pushups 🙂 XOXO

  • Decline pushups! Craaaazy! Look at you go. Super fun!

  • What a fun weekend adventure with friends!

  • I need to crash the next hike party!! I wish I still lived in Toronto, sigh.

  • Good job on the push ups, girl!! I love hiking too.. I like to do random trail sprints uphill … and then die afterwards.