Tonight, I’m Cleaning out my Closet…

Hi guys,

No I’m not talking about the Eminem song, I’m talking about this monstrosity I’ve been dealing with for far TOO long

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Yeah…I wish I was kidding…It certainly makes me choosing my Outfit of the Day a bit challenging from day to day. Not to mention I chose a dangerous place to hang my jewelry..just sayin’

So I decided to re-organize my closet to make it a more functional one. First things first, I had to clean everything out, lots of clothing didn’t actually fit me anymore (woohooo for weightloss) needless to say I ended up with a pretty big bag to give to goodwill.

Next up – I installed let’s be honest, Andrew’s the handyman and he did all the work. Got to give credit where credit is due! He installed extra silver hangers on the inside of both my closet doors and a an extendable closet rod at the top.


And I wasted no time filling up my shinny new hangers with my accessories.

Ahh so much more organized! I can finally SEE the accessories I have, which makes putting together an outfit the night before a breeze!

And what did I do with the top rod?

I hung all my bulky lululemon sweaters there! (Yeah…I’m obsessed). I previously had them folded at the top of the closet and we all know how well that turned out! The sweaters were EVERYWHERE! Now, I can visibly see them and they look a whole lot neater! Plus they don’t bulk out my bottom rod!

I also made sure to leave some room so I could store my purses and clutches. (originally part of the huge mess at the bottom of my closet).

MUCH better! Not only is it more organized, I can finally SEE the clothing I have! These are my dressy tops, blazers, dresses and skirts. What you don’t see are my casual tops/tanks/pants/workout clothes. Those are another story and will be saved for another post. Trust me, you don’t want me to get into it right now 😉

But tonight, I definitely cleaned out my closet

Crazy how removing so much cluster and clear up your mind too! I’m already thinking of more ways to have more storage – like getting some plastic stackable drawers to add at the bottom of my closet!

Do you have an organized closet? How do you maximize the space if you’re unlucky in closet size?

Much love,

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  • Jana

    I used to have just a giant ball of clothes and then did the same as you in my old place! – Now i cry when i go into (yes into!) my walk in closet….Steve said he heard me gasp when we first looked at the place *lol*

    Any size 8 or 10’s in your give a way bag….you’ve got great style! *lol*

  • JC

    You need a bigger closet!

    But what girl doesn’t? 😀 I keep some of my things in bins to keep it a little more organized. Every once in a while I’ll have to go back and re-organize because thing inevitable get messy (or super cramped when I’ve done too much shopping).

  • Looks fabulous! I love your closet doors! My closet is small and also pretty unorganized. There is just never enough space! hah, first world problems or what…

  • Vieve

    Well, that looks like it was a big project. But looks great! I guess this is a sign to peek at my closet…gulp!

  • feel free to send me any hand-me-downs 😉

  • You go girl! I have a love hate with cleaning the closet out. Its a matter of “WILL I KEEP IT THIS WAY” with me :P. I have had to cut my closet space in half since Matt lives with me now and its tough. ESPECIALLY FOR SHOES AND BAGS! Good work! Looks great!

  • That is SUCH a good feeling. To clear everything out and start fresh like that. I’m doing a clothing overhaul this weekend. Much needed.