“It’s Time to Workout” Sign

Hi guys,

After dinner last night, there was a knock at the door (which was odd as we weren’t expecting company) but low and behold, it was a delivery. For me 🙂

My new Puma shoes arrived!

I was contacted about 3 weeks ago with the opportunity to try some of Puma‘s new kicks through JcPenny. Having never tried athletic Puma shoes before, I was intrigued. So I chose the pair I wanted and hoped they fit!

Say Hello to my new Puma Speeder! They certainly passed the cute test. I loved how different these kicks were and of course, having a pop of bright pink didn’t hurt either;)

I already had my workout clothes on and I saw this as a “It’s Time to Workout” sign!

So without further ado, I give you the….

“It’s Time to Workout”…Workout;)
Repeat each exercise 12 times

Band Rows
Push Ups
Wide Band Rows
Tricep Push Ups
Deep Squats
30 sec Squat Hold
Right leg lunge with weight
Left Leg lunge with weight
Shoulder Press with leg extension (12 on each leg)
Tricep Kickbacks (12 on each arm)
Burpees with Weighted Ball

*Repeat 3 times* 

And for good measure, I added some one legged push ups…just ’cause

I definitely wouldn’t go running or do too many plyometrics with these (not enough support) but they definitely do their job for comfort for any day activities and strength training. Perfect for my “It’s time to Workout”…Workout;)

Did you get your workout in today? What did you do? 

Much love,

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  • Workout looks fun!!! So unrelated question… I bought the Push Your Limits lulu tank, also in that discovery stripe you’re wearing in the pic, but the deep indigo bled all over! I had to return it. Is the Practice Freely tank holding up okay? Love that one too!

  • Well the shoes are cute! But they do look ‘soft’. Glad you got a great workout in. Think I might try it out.

  • Katherine

    Cute shoes! I love JCP. Awesome on another workout.

    This morning I went to the gym and completed 48 minutes on the treadmill.

  • Isn’t it funny how so much of fitness involves shoes? I wrote about cycling shoes on my blogtoday. Shoes + working out = love, right? Especially when they are cute…

  • I’m so overdue for new shoes. I wear Nike Frees for all of my strength training and I’m not exaggerating when I say that they’ve been through my washing machine 15 times in the year that I’ve had them and they REEK. I’m going to Florida in a month and I’m definitely planning on getting a new pair.

  • JC

    Adorable Pumas! Let us know how they worked for you! I like that they’re black with pink.

  • Jess those sneakers are super cute! Love the hot pink laces, ow ow!!

  • I totally did this workout just now when I read this. I needed the motivation, and I truly thank you. I’m in a much better place physically AND mentally, too! <3

  • Andrea

    Hey Jess,

    Love the pumas! I was wondering where you got the sports bra with the attached tank your wearing in the puma pix? Im in love with cute and comfy workout wear! 😉

    Thanks have a blesseed day!