The Fit Countdown – Week 5

Hi guys!

Another week is upon us!! Can you handle it??? The weeks are flying by!!

Weigh In: 129
Body Fat: 21.3%

Arms: 11.5” (-.3”)
Chest: 33” (-.4”)
Waist (Belly Button): 32.5” (same)
Hips: 34” (same)

Booty: 36” (same)
Thigh 22” (same)
Calf: 14.2” (same)

Inches Down: .7”
Total Inches Down: 6.6”
Weight Loss: .6 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 6.2 pounds
Body Fat Loss: 0.4%
Total Body Fat Loss: 4.3%

I know I said there were many changes last week but THIS week my stomach has definitely changed on the surface. Let’s see the difference from the beginning to last week to this week, shall we?

Yes? No? My body is definitely getting tighter!! Workouts in my sports bra are also nicer to look at. You may laugh at that comment – I mean it is part of my journey. I have to audition in front of judges and with another instructor by my side in a sports bra! BUT I will not compare myself to someone else. I watched Bex, a fellow Fitfluential Ambassador’s latest video, and if you haven’t already, you should. One thing she said at the end really resonated with me:

“Be the best you that you can be, because that’s the only thing you can be the absolute best at” – Bex

Um wow – what a beautiful and empowering thing to say. Who else could be better at being you than…YOU! She went on to say that we need to support each other, there is no need for competition – be yourself and try your hardest to be the best version of yourself that you can and that’s what I’m doing! Thanks again Bex!


Challenging. I upped the intensity this week (as I should). I’ve also improved on my push ups! I can bring that chest to the ground for much more reps than I previously did. I feel my muscles getting STRONGER and I can’t lie – it’s motivating me to keep.pushing.through.


Another week of clean eating 🙂 No mindless snacking! Woohoo! Clean eating for the win!

How I feel

Strong, tight and confident – now that sounds wrong…but it’s truly how I feel. And on a side note, the Lululemon pants I’m wearing are the same size 6 I wore when I hit goal 3 years ago at 126 pounds. The only difference is that they are LOOSE on me! Seriously – none of my workout pants truly fit me anymore. It comes to show that the number on the scale doesn’t always say the whole story. I’ve never been this small and strong in my life! How’s that for a non-scale victory? 

Get Involved

I have a favour to ask of you and I hope you’ll help me out:) See the audition is in 4 weeks now and I’ll need to go get a new sports bra and pants or shorts for the occasion (obviously). So that’s when you come in, yes YOU, reading this post right now. One week prior to the audition I’ll show you pictures of different outfits and ask for you to vote on your favourite!! Sometimes, it’s nice to hear other people’s feedback and I thought it’d be a fun way to include you in my journey!

Let me know if you’re on board! Where should I shop? Any recommendations? 

Weeks Down: 5
Weeks to Go: 4

Much Love,

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  • Bex

    You look amazing!! I’m so glad you liked what I had to say. That message has gotten me through a lot of times when I was feeling envious of other women’s successes. It’s so silly… I just need to rock out being me! And I totally pinned your cute sports bra. xo

  • Megan

    wow!! you can definitly see a difference in your stomach! your progress is amazing Jess. Really inspiring.
    For shopping- definitely recommend sticking with Lululemon! I love the Energy bra {i think you have it already}.

    check out and lulumum.blogspot for upcoming workout clothes coming out soon.. I’m eyeing the wunder unders in purple that are coming out soon!!
    keep up the great work!

  • You’re in ridiculously good shape Jess! Definate difference. You have the whole, taut skin around the face that people get when they work out alot that always makes people look so healthy. It was inspiring that you lost the weight the first time round, but to do it the second time round, and in the healthiest possible way, is a whole other level of inspiration. Youve inspired me fo’ sure! Right, I’m off for a run!

  • Truly Jess

    wow thank you so much. That’s quite the compliment!

  • Truly Jess

    Thanks so much for saying that!! And I think I will be going to Lululemon. I have my date picked out and my best friend is coming with me:) I will check out the website! Thanks for letting me know:)

  • Truly Jess

    I couldn’t stop talking about it this weekend – to my boyfriend to my best friend. It was truly motivating and inspiring!

  • Alex

    You’ve done such a great job! You are eating well and still having things you like! I’m trying to get my stomach to tighten up, and seeing the progress you’ve made is inspiring. Keep it up!

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  • betty

    wow!! just read some of your old posts! you’ve come such a long way! love following you on instagram.. your outfits are always too cute!