Some Like it Hot

Hi guys!

How was everyone’s weekend? Is anyone watching the Oscars tonight? Andrew is being kind enough to watch the pre-show with me (which is my favourite part). Who doesn’t like to admire all of the beautiful frocks the celebrities are wearing tonight?

Let’s rewind a bit, this weekend rocked! Not only did I get plenty of time quality time to relax this weekend but I got the chance to….

Meet a bunch of inspiring, beautiful and amazing Canadian Bloggers

Toronto Meetup for the WIN!

Morgan was the brain behind this meet-up and also where I got the picture from (Thanks Morgan!)

Back row:
RobynKrystenNancy, SamanthaChristina, Me, SaraSherylKristinStephKate

Front row:

With Steph and Nancy. (Picture courtesy of Samantha)

I had so much fun meeting these ladies, although I have to admit I wish I spoke to more people. See, I’m REALLY shy when I first meet people. For some reason my french accent makes more of an appearance and I never truly know how to start a conversation. You’d think that since I teach Boot Camps I’d be very outgoing…which I am, in certain situation but not in this one. Work in progress my friends, work in progress. 

Sunday started off with a BANG! A workout BANG. I seriously kicked my own Booty with this workout. While I ate my lunch I wrote down what I wanted to do and one hour later, I was a starting one heck of a sweaty workout.

Kick Your Own Booty Workout
Do each exercise for 1 min intervals
20 sec rest in-between exercises
Do full circuit 3 times

I did every exercise with a 10 pound weighted ball but you can definitely do the workout without it and STILL get your heart rate up. I only gave myself 1 min rest in between each circuit. At the beginning of the 3rd circuit I said out loud “who the heck created this” Um…I did…but I pushed through it all. It took me a little over an hour and man was I done after this.

I was seriously ready for some BFF Movie Day IN! My best friend Jenn came over to watch one of our favourite movie, Something Borrowed. But first, we walked my beautiful puppy Annabelle to get some Starbucks:)

How CUTE is she? Omg every single time I look at her, she gets more and more beautiful. She’s the best thing that happened to Andrew and I <3

Fast track to tonight as I made yet another HOT dinner;)

Spicy Ground Chicken Salad


200g Extra Lean Ground Chicken
Handful of Broccoli Slaw
Handful of Spinach
Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce (to taste)
2 tbsp medium salsa
Cooking Spray


1. Cook your ground chicken on pan over medium-high heat
2. Once your chicken is cooked, drizzle some hot chili sauce on top and mix

3. Top your chicken with a handful of broccoli slaw and mix

4. In separate bowl, place your spinach and top it up with your chicken mixture and 1 tbsp of medium Salsa

5. Mix it up, then place on a plate and top it off with another tbsp of salsa

Mmm Mmm GOOD! I love me some hot and spicy salad!

What can I say, some people like it hot and I happen to be one of them;) I could put that hot chili sauce on pretty much any main meal. It’s THAT good.

Now I’m off with some more puppy cuddles. Have a wonderful end to your weekend!!

Much love,


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  • Okay, there is just so much goodness going on in this post! Yay for blogger meet-ups! And I am loving your workout! Isn’t it so nice to kick your own butt? Even if you do regret creating such a hard workout midway through. 😉

    Sriracha? Yes, please. 🙂

  • It was so great to finally meet you! Now I don’t feel like a creepy stalker at all! lol

  • You are SO photogenic–but Annabelle may have you beat! 😉 She is precious and Cooper sends hugs!

    I saw this pic on FB and was so happy all you T-FFA’s could meet up!! FUN!

    And, way to kick your butt–mountain kill me always, what is with that?!

  • Okay, why did I think I posted a comment and I clearly didn’t? Weird.

    Anyhow, it would have said: It was so nice meeting you and I look forward to another meet-up soon! 🙂

  • laurie

    jess, i just made the spicy chicken salad for dinner and it is EXCELLENT. thanks for sharing 🙂