Ending 2011 with a BANG!

Hi guys!

Two posts in one day? I know, crazy!

I decided to say goodbye to 2011 with a BANG!! A workout BANG that is!!

I give you:

The 100s

10 exercises – 10 reps – 10 rounds

That’s right – 100 times EVERY exercise. You can choose what exercises to do, but these are the ones I did:

1. Jumping Jacks
2. Power Push-Ups
3. Mountain Climbers
4. Tricep Push-Ups
5. Skaters
6. Burpees
7. Squats
8. Side Jump Squats
9. Plank Jacks
10. Jumping Lunges

Take your breaks when you need them and make sure to STRETCH after your workout!

Trust me – it will get you sweating FAST, but most importantly you’ll know you ended the year on a GREAT note:)

Speaking of ending the year on a great note, I’ve been accepted as an FitFluential Ambassador and I couldn’t be happier!! (If you don’t know who they are yet, check out their website). We’re essentially a family of Fitness lovers!! We spread our love of fitness and health to the people around us. And you know me, I’ve fallen in love with Fitness and I know others will too…that is if they haven’t already;)

Happy New Years!!!

Much love,

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  • http://100workout.com 100 Workout

    Man… that 100s workout looks totally nasty! Talk about a serious lactic acid burn starting at what, 25% of the way through?

    Looks fun, I’ll check it out!

  • http://imtommyg.com Tiffany

    Cool blog!